"Good." she retorted, hiking her quiver up her shoulder. Johanna rolled her eyes in annoyance and let out a troubled sigh, saying, "You know what? I’m going to do us both a favor and leave the scene before it gets any worse. I’ve had enough business with SHIELD today thank you very much."

"Yeah, I’ve had enough business with SHIELD for the rest of my life, don’t even get me starter on AIM." she sighed. "Have a nice life, red."

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"I sincerely doubt that," Tony leaned back, shaking his head.

"You’d be surprised how many people continue to text in class after I’ve embarrassed their friends. It’s really why I keep teaching." she joked.

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Johanna glared at the other and pursed her lips. ‘This chick is a smart ass, huh?’ A huff of annoyance blew through her nostrils, and she spoke.

"Good, because it’s personal and complicated and I’d rather not share it with a nosey parker like you."

"I don’t want to know your story." she replied honestly. "And I don’t think I’ve done anything for you to believe I’m nosy but okay." she shrugged. "But seriously…. nosy parker?"

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 - - - - - - - -

You, my aforementioned sweet, undoubtedly could. If you’re as breathtakingly gorgeous as you sound——my colleague would be happy to wine dine you. As far as the analyst knew, their dear Dr. Reid was exclusively into the Leia’s of the world, versus the Han Solo’s. But well. Sexuality was a fluid thing, and if he swung both ways, she couldn’t blame him. Han could make a ratty bathrobe look good.

Looking forward to it, querido. Consider me a permanent fixture in your dazzlingexistence come 01:00 a.m. ’ A wave, a mini salute, three cups of coffee later, the blonde was back to her position of power——hands on deck feet in M&S Cable Knits. Small victories were still attainable in the wee hours of the morning. And hers happened to come in the form of hand knit slippers. 

Rise Shine, Seb! The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming——and who am I kidding? I’m exhausted. The entire pantheon of every day civilians are snoring away. But, and I say this with unabashed pride——with enthusiasm;Not us crimefighters! We, the brave the few, are tackling these s.o.b’s straight on. Delicately put, Penelope had reached her high point. The sugar the cream, bless their sugary, saturated, souls, had finally found their way upstream, and into her now heavily caffeinated veins. 

And not even a moment later?  SoShall we play a game? 

I’m not even sure I sleep any more, sugar pop.' Charlie responded honestly with a slight snort. She tugged her hair up into a pony tail and nudged her hot tea closer to where her fingers would normally hover near. 'Let’s take these fuckers out then maybe get some ice cream.' she grinned and got to work.

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"Yeah no I’d rather that didn’t happen to me, so I’ll make sure not to use my phone in class," He chuckled.

She smiled and nodded. “Wise. Wise beyond your years.”

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"I didn’t introduce myself as an agent," she snapped back cooly to the other. "I just said that I don’t carry that badge with me. Also, as much as I want to leave that agency, I can’t. So there. Anything else you’re wonderin’ about Curious George?"

"Actually you said if you fucked up any more SHIELD would have your ass or something then I asked if you were an agent and if I could see your badge to which you then replied that you didn’t carry it with you, implying that you were a SHIELD agent." she shook her head. 

"I could give a flying fuck less if you can or can’t leave SHIELD. Or seem to think you can’t since you have every right to leave when you want."

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"Take me anywhere," he proposed. Will didn’t plan these things. He followed them.

Would he know if this was the type of ‘soul mate’ who was intended as a dear friend and not a dear lover? It did not feel like the former, no. It felt like eight grade but with the caution of adulthood. He would know, he would know. He knew what it was.

"All right!" she said brightly and gestured for him to get in. She slid into her seat and started the car, waiting for him to get in. She wasn’t sure where she was going but she was pretty sure she didn’t care at this point. She just wanted to go.

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"A child, I believe, is always partial to the sound of their mother’s voice. They do hear it before they hear anything else in the world." He licked his dry lips, wishing he had drank more water before offering to sing. "Again, forgive me. I am not the best at singing." 

The song came out low and slow, with a sweetness to it that would not be expected from him. He attributed it to the memory of his mother singing it to him when he was a child. The trudging walk through the desert seemed a bit easier with his mind so sweetly distracted, though he knew he would feel the consequences of his added weight load once they were in the safety of the city.

Her eyes fluttered for just a moment. “Sounds nice. Sounds like you miss her.” she admitted before her eyes closed. Though Charlie was underweight for someone her height, enough to be slightly concerning but not much, she knew he’d be feeling this trek later. A nap wouldn’t kill her though, she managed to reason. Her sleep addled brain was almost too far gone to even care. Almost. “Sorry.” she mumbled out, or she hoped the whole word made it past her lips as she finally fell asleep, cheek pressed to his chest and hands resting on her stomach, clenching the water bottle loosely.

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"Definitely must be fun then. I’ll make sure not to use my phone in your class," Tony laughed.

"Good choice. I love embarrassing kids by reading them out loud. Without looking." which was a little more then the technopathy but she wasn’t going to admit that.

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"Indeed. My mother was not a skilled singer, but I found her voice soothing. On nights when I had difficulty sleeping she would sing old Earth songs to me. However, her favorite song to sing to me was a Vulcan song. I do not know to this day where she learned it. My father either does not know or chooses not to tell me." Spock could see the damage the sun was having on his already weakened companion. She needed rest, but she seemed too stubborn to give in to what her body needs. An idea came to him. "If you wish, I can sing the song to you. It is not so nice coming from my voice rather than my mother’s, but my pronunciation is understandably more accurate."

She laughed slightly at that. “Maybe it’s the mom affect. After I was adopted my mom… she used to sing. Maybe she didn’t have the greatest voice but it was always beautiful to me.” she murmured. “You’d sing to me?” she asked, drooped eyes opening for just a moment. “I’d like that. It would be nice.” she mumbled out. Charlie nodded against his chest and yawned loudly. “I’m sure you’ll sound great.” she was already half asleep, even before he started.

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